Huanggang Zhongjin Kiln Equipment Co., Ltd.

Huanggang Zhongjin Kiln Equipment Co., Ltd. is a collection of scientific research and design, processing and manufacturing, construction, installation and commissioning of integrated services company. At present, the company in the chemical industry chromium slag harmful treatment, silicon powder, coal oil catalyst, metal catalyst, high temperature refractory materials, zirconia filter, zinc oxide products with professional technology. The products involve ceramics, building materials, chemicals, metallurgy, rare earths and other fields. It has successively undertaken more than 600 various kiln projects, and its business covers 33 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions.


In 2007, the company invested more than 6500 million yuan to build Huayao Industrial Park in Huanggang West Lake Industrial Park. The park has 85 mu of construction land, 20000 square meters of factory buildings, 6000 square meters of comprehensive scientific research buildings, 3000 square meters of staff dormitories and 50 sets of equipment. It mainly assembles and manufactures kilns and produces more than 10 products such as kiln supporting fans, kiln cars, kiln entry and exit machines, transmission, burners and electric control systems. After the completion of the project, 50 kilns (seats) will be assembled and manufactured annually, with an annual output of 1000 fans, 2000 kiln cars, 200 sets of kiln entry and exit machines, 100 transmission lines, 5000 burners and 200 sets of electric control machines, realizing an annual output value of 0.18 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 50 million yuan.

Adhere to independent innovation

Zhongjin kiln has always adhered to scientific development and independent innovation. It has developed a number of advanced kiln series and supporting products in line with China's national conditions. It has won more than 10 national scientific research and technology awards, national patents and provincial technical awards, and has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.

In the process of continuous reform and development, Zhongjin kiln has always adhered to the simultaneous development of the two civilizations. Zhongjin Kiln takes the fundamental interests of employees as the starting point. In order to solve the worries of employees, in recent years, it has invested more than 1600 million yuan to build 3 residential buildings for employees, so that more than 200 employees can live in fixed places. At the same time, it has invested more than 600,000 yuan in hardware construction, built green courtyards, built venues for employees' activities, purchased sports equipment and supplies, and organized various and colorful cultural and entertainment activities.


In the new journey, the kiln people in Zhongjin will further advance with the times, unite and develop, develop scientifically, and contribute to the development and progress of the kiln industry and the economic development of Huanggang.