Chairman's Speech

Company Chairman: Chen Youliang

Dear friend hello!


First of all, thank you for your attention and love to our company. As an enterprise specializing in the design, construction, manufacturing and debugging of various kilns, it has leading technology in the harmful treatment of chromium slag in the chemical industry, silicon powder, coal-to-oil catalyst, metal catalyst, high temperature silicon carbide and zirconia filter. Our products throughout the country 28 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and India, Egypt, Vietnam and other countries, favored by users. Depending on the quality of life, depending on innovation as the soul, integrity management, work hard, to provide customers with sophisticated equipment, is our goal.


In the course of the company's development, friends from all walks of life and customers have given Zhongjin kiln infinite sincere care and support, which has injected valuable wisdom into the company's take-off. The achievements made by the company today are more condensed with your painstaking efforts and sweat.


Friends, it is your care that has created the company's glory, and it is you who are opening up a better tomorrow for the company. No matter when and where, Zhongjin is in good faith, enthusiasm, pragmatism, rigor, innovation, refinement of the behavior concept and the spirit of dedication, to revitalize the national industry as its own responsibility, dedicated to provide you with high-quality and perfect service to meet your needs. Zhongjin company sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad, coexist and co-prosperity, and jointly create a new situation of mutual benefit, win-win and harmonious development.