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High temperature 1450℃ calcined corundum abrasive tunnel kiln

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Corundum abrasive tunnel kiln is a kind of equipment for the production

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Corundum abrasive tunnel kiln is a kind of equipment for the production of corundum abrasive, which is widely used in the abrasive industry for its environmental protection and sustainable characteristics. In this article, we will give you a detailed introduction to the working principle, characteristics and application areas of corundum abrasive tunnel kiln.

First, let's take a look at the characteristics of corundum abrasives. Corundum abrasive is a kind of abrasive material with high hardness, excellent wear resistance and high strength. It is widely used in grinding, polishing, grinding and other fields, such as metal processing, glass manufacturing and ceramic production. In order to meet the market demand, the production of corundum abrasive requires a kind of excellent and stable equipment, and corundum abrasive tunnel kiln is designed for this purpose.

The working principle of the tunnel kiln for corundum abrasives is to convert the abrasive raw material into corundum abrasives using a high-temperature sintering process. First of all, the raw material of corundum abrasive is prepared into particles by grinding, mixing and forming processes, and is put into the kiln at the feed port. The fuel is then ignited in a high-temperature furnace in the tunnel kiln to produce high-temperature combustion gas. These combustion gases gradually heat up the corundum abrasive particles through the preheating zone, the pulverized coal combustion zone and the sintering zone.

In the pulverized coal combustion zone, pulverized coal and air are fully mixed and burned to produce high temperature combustion gas. These gases flow in the sintering zone and have heat exchange with corundum abrasive particles. The heat in the high-temperature combustion gas is transferred to the corundum abrasive, which gradually heats up, and the binding force between the abrasive particles gradually increases.

Finally, under the action of high temperature in the sintering zone, the surface of corundum abrasive particles produces a melt-like liquid phase, which forms a dense bond between abrasive particles. The appearance of this molten liquid phase promotes the recrystallization and grain growth of corundum abrasive particles, thus improving the hardness and strength of corundum abrasive.

Corundum abrasive tunnel kiln has many advantages. First of all, it uses pulverized coal combustion, which can reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. Secondly, the structural design of the tunnel kiln is reasonable, which makes the abrasive particles get sufficient heat exchange in the kiln, and improves the quality and output of the abrasive. In addition, the corundum abrasive tunnel kiln also has an automatic control system, which can achieve precise control and monitoring of the production process, improving production efficiency and product consistency.

Corundum abrasive tunnel kiln is widely used in corundum abrasive industry. It can produce corundum abrasives of various specifications to meet the needs of different fields. In the metal processing industry, corundum abrasives are widely used in cutting, grinding and polishing processes to improve processing efficiency and product quality. In the glass manufacturing industry, corundum abrasive is used in the grinding and polishing of glass processing, improving the finish and transparency of glass products. In the ceramic production industry, corundum abrasive is used for grinding and polishing ceramic products, improving the surface smoothness and decorative effect of ceramic products.

In short, corundum abrasive tunnel kiln with its excellent, environmental protection and sustainable characteristics, become an important equipment in the abrasive industry. Through the unique working principle and superior performance, the corundum abrasives produced by it not only have excellent wear resistance and high strength, but also meet the requirements of abrasive quality and specifications in different fields. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the growth of industry demand, corundum abrasive tunnel kiln will continue to play an important role in promoting the development of the abrasive industry.














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